About Qedi

QED International (Oil & Gas) Nigeria Limited is an indigenous provider of Engineering Design, Technical Recruitment, Commissioning and Operation Management, Technical Training, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) in West Africa with years of experience servicing Oil and Gas majors including Chevron, Total, NLNG, and Shell.

Our design philosophy is one that embraces a Blue-Line philosophy with an emphasis on quality, simplicity, sustainability, maintainability, client interaction, and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our key business objective is to achieve repeated delivery of successful projects that meet all their set goals.

Mission Statement

QED International (Oil & Gas) Nigeria Limited aims to deliver a range of Engineering Support Services to assist major operators, projects, Assets, and facilities in the efficient recovery of Oil and Gas reserves in Nigeria.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

At QED International (Oil & Gas) Nigeria Limited, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time, in as effective and efficient a manner as possible, and in accordance with our overall mission.
To accomplish this, we will work collaboratively across functions to achieve our common goals; we will make every effort to deliver, on time and within our business plans and guidelines, the commitments that we make to each other and to our clients; we will empower all employees by promoting personal responsibility and accountability along with creative thinking and innovation in all our activities; we will welcome change and seek to marry improvements in process and service; and we will aspire at all times to do our jobs better in dimensions of personal safety and an incident-free environment.

Client Commitment

In our effort to maximize returns for all of our internal and external clients, we will prove our capabilities and extensive knowledge. By meeting client expectations; by being proactive, innovative, and flexible in creating services and processes and in resolving problems; by being mindful of the many, by meeting the demands and expectations of our different customers; and by engaging in fair and honest business practices.

Team Commitment

We work in a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by honest, direct, and relevant communication. We are committed to communicating definable and measurable goals. We act with integrity in order to engender trust in both colleagues and customers. We honor diversity, individuality, and personal and professional differences.

Commitment to Employee Growth and Wellbeing

We are committed to an environment characterized by continuous learning, an entrepreneurial, can-do spirit, and a team orientation. In addition, we are committed to an environment that is willing to allow for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. This commitment will enable us to attract and retain the best-qualified people and create a workplace in which we can be proud and where we can enjoy our work, always while seeking to carry out our mutual mission.