Technical Training

The Creek Training Center (CTC) is an accredited craft, vocational and technical training centre in Bayelsa State, Nigeria offering world class technical courses.  It is located in a 80,000sq m site with modern facilities including offices, workshops, accommodation block and medical facilities.

CTC offers a wide range of technical and vocational courses to serve a broad spectrum of industry, including Oil & Gas, Construction and Maintenance.

CTC offer a quality curriculum and training process recognised in the USA & UK, the curriculum will cover;

CTC’s Benefits to the Industry and capacity development:

  • Cost effective because training is available locally
  • Highly flexible because of a modular training equipment and programme
  • Highly efficient because the training is competency based
  • International standard training facilities and competencies
  • Relevant to the demands of the local industry
  • based on industry equipment
  • Increase employability
  • Increase productivity by closing know-how gaps
  • Guaranteed worldwide quality and standard

National Registry

The National Registry is database maintained by CTC. It lists the names of the individuals who have successfully completed any training programs. Its also:

  • Stores training completions and assessment results and issues appropriate credentials

To maintain privacy access is restricted to training sponsors, trainees and approved participants. The National Registry can be used to provide the industry with information on capacity availability for projects.