Hakeem Omotayo is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he was awarded his degree in Economics (B.Sc.) and Agricultural Economics (M.Sc.). His career has seen him play actively in various sectors of the economy, such as Agriculture, Energy and Banking sector to name a few.

With over 23 years banking experience in both retail, Institutional and Commercial Banking where he was a member of the institutional banking team focused on Oil and Gas and Beverages business, he has been actively engaged in the operational and strategic levels of business both for the bank and its several clients. This has helped him build a wealth of Networks and relationship both locally and internationally, closely working with the management team of his client towards achieve the set strategic goals of their businesses.

Hakeem Omotayo has an eye for details and his presentation, speaking, writing and editing skills are exceptional, and currently he serves as Managing Director of Alt-Technologies Limited, where his work centres around his passion for green technologies, sustainable growth and poverty alleviation practices.


He will be joining the team as a NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and would be available to give structure and support to the organization